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JeanNutritionPic-1Spectrum Therapy and Fitness is a Fitness Coaching  Centre and is owned by veteran Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jean LaFleur.  Spectrum Therapy and Fitness operate within their home studio located at 123 Moore Crescent, Ancaster, ON, We also have a Sports Therapy clinic that provides athletic therapy services for those who have sustained an injury playing sports, leading an active lifestyle or during their exercise programs. Our clients tend to be athletes or active people who seek resolution from being sidelined from their injury which prevents them from pursuing their health and fitness goals.

Who We Are

Hi, my name is Jean LaFleur. As you might have guessed, yes, I am French-Canadian. I have the same name that few famous Canadians bear such as our former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. Another famous figure is the famous hockey player, Jean Belliveau, who played for the Montreal Canadians. Now, I’m not suggesting that I share the same level of fame that these two gentlemen had, only the same pronunciation of their first name, which you may have heard before. My main purpose in life is to help people get out of pain from your first visit, to move better and get back to the active life you love.

I’ve been in the health and fitness industries for over 29 years now. While I’m proud to say that I have created the ultimate Personal Training environment in the town of Ancaster, I’m even more proud to say that in the past 28 years I’ve been in the fitness industry. I have been helping good people such as yourself, achieve some significant and sustainable results.

Now, you might have heard or read about how other trainers have told you that they’ve had their own issues with being overweight and unhappy.  Well, I’m here to tell you that this is where my life’s trajectory differs from that story. I am not one of those kids or adults who struggled with my weight. In fact,  if I’m being honest here, I was on the opposite side of being overweight. I was a skinny, scrawny kid and adult right up to almost the age of 40. Yep, as a devoted distance runner, no matter how many calories I consumed, 

I remained way too lean for my own liking. Of course, at this time, running was my chosen fitness path,  “my juice” if you will,  and my perception of my leanness didn’t register with me as something negative.  (at least not at that time)      

To add insult to injury, I also didn’t possess the greatest eating habits. Coming from a pure French-Canadian family and growing up in the 70’s didn’t leave much room for using savvy practices such as carb cycling or loading or taking beneficial supplements to enhance my performance or physique. Nope, in our house everything was fried, veggies were overcooked (either boiled to annihilation or incinerated in the frying pan).

Of course, my parents did the best they could to feed us properly, but unfortunately, a few bad habits were picked up and dragged on throughout my life as a result.

image002Although I wasn’t overweight, I realized that my performances as a runner, cyclist, student, and human being were being significantly compromised with poor nutrition.  Fortunately, my incessant activity level and participation in sports, didn’t allow me to become overweight, but I still needed to be conscious about my diet. Our family history was riddled with lifestyle-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and type 1 diabetes. I felt that the clock of mortality was running. As you can imagine, my health and diet became an obsession for me.  I swore that I wouldn’t suffer the fate of my parents, and grandparents.  All who eventually succumbed to their lifestyle choices by having their bodies fail after being run on poor nutrition. I can remember many times when there were many incidences in my training and races, where I felt sub-par, or not quite working at my full potential. As the saying goes “if you put junk in, you’re going to get junk out!!”

Now, despite the fact that I wasn’t very conscious of consuming healthier foods, my parents did instil in me a passion for food. This passion was channelled through the French-Canadian frequency of course! Later on, because of my passion to participate in distance running at a competitive level and over the course of my life, many sports, I’ve had to find my own way of feeding myself in a healthier way in order to complement the lifestyle I wanted.

image003Up until my certification as a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist with Precision Nutrition which was founded by one of my mentors Dr. John Berardi. To the present day, I’ve always studied and had a passion for nutrition pertaining to enhancing one’s body composition and performance. My relentless pursuit to help myself and my clients fulfill their health and fitness goals has no end in sight.   Articles, journals, books, seminars, webinars, are constantly consumed, distilled and used to practice better nutrition for myself and my clients.

What I’ve found to be so amazing is when my clients are ready to take the first step towards change, and witnessing those steps towards change is when the magic really starts happening. Our fitness, nutrition and lifestyle strategies have been very successful for those who have had that burning desire to change their life and fitness. In the end though, everyone who participated in our programs have received more than they expected!!

image011If it wasn’t already clear, my purpose in life is to help busy men, Dads, athletes and anyone committed to improving their quality of life, to get out of pain, move better, and get back to the active life you love!!   Perhaps like Judie, you can enjoy the same benefit of having a systematic approach to overcoming an injury and enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.  What more could one want than possessing a killer body, unlimited energy to play with your kids, participate in whatever activities you choose, having increased strength, possessing the skills to never get injured with exercise or working, having more self-confidence and self-worth, and perhaps turning back the hands of time a significant number of years for your body and mind!!

I understand that we’re all very busy, and it can be a challenge to include regular exercise into your lifestyle. That’s why I take pride in creating programs for busy men, Dads, athletes and anyone who is committed to change their life through a life of health and fitness practice. Depending on the level of your fitness and work capacity, the duration of your training sessions may run no longer than an hour, but the time of actual “intense work”  will vary as per your own fitness level. All of our programs are geared towards your goals: fat loss, building lean muscle, and improving your health and quality of life.

These goals are quite common among our clients, but everyone will receive their own unique “exercise prescription” as per what you are ready, willing, and able to do at the present time. Either way, we are changing your fat-burning engine to rev up into high gear on a consistent basis. Now, you don’t have to take my word for it, just have a look at some of the success stories I’ve been fortunate to be a part of.




And, just so you know, I too understand what it takes to get you the results that you’re looking for. Because, I’m not only the “Owner, but I’m also a product of my own product”.

Regardless of my hectic schedule, I make it a priority to find the time to train. My training brings me my sanity, balance, and peace of mind. Not to mention all the benefits of being fit and healthy. My wife can definitely tell when I’ve been off my training schedule, my mood and temperament can be a bit “testy” let’s say.

Since leaving behind my running days and mileage in 2007, I have been so much happier and content with my health and fitness levels. Going from a body weight at 158, skinny arms and all, to a 186 lbs and 12% body fat has made all the difference when it comes to my performances now in any athletic activities I participate in.  Nowadays, my exercise diet includes, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and Energy system training for skiing, mountain biking and Metabolic Resistance training.

I look forward to helping you pursue your fitness, body transformation, or athletic development goals and support your willingness to change your habits for the better.

I look forward to helping you achieve your full potential.



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Here is one of my clients who has enjoyed great success in just 2 short years. Judie came to me at age 57, pre-diabetic, and 30 pounds overweight and her body fat was at 31%


Judie worked very hard for a little over a year to achieve a brilliant 30 pound lost and is shown here weighing in at 107 lbs, and achieving a body fat of 20 %.  We are very proud of Judie’s accomplishments along with her convicted ownership over her new found health and fitness. She was also referred to me initially because she had a frozen shoulder.  As a certified athletic and manual therapist, I knew that Judie’s future as a potential, regular exerciser hinged on my abilities to get her back to a functioning level. With persistence, we successfully got Judie’s frozen shoulder back in 3 months (which can take up to 9 months of rehabilitation). When it came for Judie to decide to participate in our personal training programs, it was a no-brainer.  Having already successfully overcome her first hurdle to improving her health and fitness, she was confident that I could help her achieve her body composition goals as well.

And as you can see from her picture, the rest is history. Judie’s results occurred over a reasonable time period (of 13 months) and was a result of practicing good nutrition and exercise habits.


Julianne came to me after giving birth to her first baby boy. Julianne weighed in over 145 lbs, and  was at 28 % body fat.

Here after her 5th month on her program, Julianne weighs in at 122 lbs, and at 19 % body fat.

I am very proud of these two women, along with all of my other clients who continue to inspire me and teach me as much as I teach them. Julianne achieved her results by practicing better nutrition and exercise habits with her time with us.


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