Athletic Therapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation

... Don’t let past or current injuries keep you in pain and underperforming.


Do you suffer from an acute injury or chronic condition that is keeping you from participating in your favourite sport or activity?

Whether you’re a golfer, tennis player, cyclist, runner, skier, or athlete of any sort, you’ve probably suffered some form of sports injury in the course of your play. Elbow tendinitis, shoulder impingements, and knee problems are unfortunately quite common to active people. If not properly treated, a chronic condition can flare up again periodically. These flare ups can cause you to compromise the way you move by altering your movement patterns or developing muscle imbalances without being aware of it. All of sudden, the sport you used to be good at, has now become a source of aggravation for your chronic injury. This is not exactly the day you planned when you dusted off that tennis racket, golf clubs or running shoes, is it?

Now, you might be asking yourself, “I know you’re a therapist, but do you actually know what its like to be injured yourself”?   Unfortunately, I can answer that question with a resounding yes!!  I’ve been there myself. I’ve sported some of my own injuries at times that affected my running, tennis game and weightlifting as well. And I totally get it that you want your body to perform as it once did. There’s nothing like clipping off an effortless 5 miler on a Sunday afternoon, or surgically zipping those forehands down the sideline on the court with minimal effort.

At Spectrum Therapy and Fitness, we assess your entire body and how your injury might have happened based on the status of your static posture, your ability/inability to move well, and/or what happened during the moment of injury. Once we understand the mechanism of injury that your body sustained, we can then understand why you body failed to resist the “not-contact” forces that were imposed into your body. For those who sustained injuries from ‘contact-forces (collisions, tackles, falls, or motor vehicle accidents, an examination of the forces that entered the body along with their impact is taken into consideration during your treatments and rehabilitation.

If you’re a team athlete, we conduct a comprehensive biomechanical assessment within the context of your sport that will provide key insights to help design a functional treatment and rehabilitation plan.

Effective Rehabilitation to Get You Back in the Game

image013At Spectrum Therapy & Fitness, we consider everyone an athlete regardless of your activity or lifestyle. We take a client/athlete-centered  approach to rehabilitating your injury with the intent of restoring your full functional capacity to your sport or activity.

Here are a few benefits that we offer our patients: *

  • Understand the cause and nature of your injury so as to not repeat that same moment again.
  • Deal with inflammation, swelling, bruising, muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, and all other secondary complications.
  • Re-caliberate your posture so your alignment and force absorption and resilience are optimal to increase your performance and prevent further injury.
  • Restore range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility, and muscle recruitment patterns based on a well aligned posture.
  • Restore movement patterns.
  • Restore stabilizer function to optimize joint function and decrease potential for injury.
  • Model optimal movement qualities for your sport
  • Feel psychologically confident and strong to re-engage back to your sport or activity.
  • Customize a warm up and movement exercise plan for you to use in your injury prevention regime.
  • I practice potential “return to play” strategies by using preventative taping techniques to facilitate your ability to enter back to your game.

These are just some of the benefits that our athletes have enjoyed. Participating in your sport or activity at a higher level of performance and awareness is our main objective.  Sports therapists keep you in your game as much as possible while you are preparing or rehabilitating yourself to full performance. Our functional rehabilitation protocols are second to none when it comes to returning you back to your sport or activity.

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The best thing that has happened to me in the past two years is my introduction to Jean LaFleur. I was advised by an orthopedic surgeon to strengthen my knees to avoid early joint replacement. Being physically active, I decided to approach a personal trainer and was introduced to Jean LaFleur. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that Jean is also a Certified Athletic Therapist as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I had feeling that I was in good hands. He conducted a personal assessment of my general health status, including a review of my diet, and more specifically my needs as they related to my need to stay active.

Jean put together a comprehensive program specifically for me. I have been continually impressed by his application of knowledge, innovation and creativity that has kept me on track. At all times I have been treated as an individual and unique client. The result of his coaching and my training has been a significant improvement in my skiing. I ski in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and have hesitated to challenge some of the more aggressive slopes. No more! Comments about my improved skiing have been received from some of the better skiers on the mountain.

I have also improved my golf game. Through specific training, Jean has put me through, I have increased my yardage and thus improved my handicap.

The best benefit of Jean’s training guidance and coaching has been that I no longer take NSAIDS (non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs). I virtually have no pain in my knees.

I can highly recommend Jean to anyone who is looking for an individual approach to training with a commitment to improved performance based on a solid knowledge base and personal experience.

Linda Burrows RN, BESc, MScHA.

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