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... Giving back to the community we live and work in.

At Spectrum Therapy and Fitness we believe in giving back to the community we live and work in.
As a part of reaching out to the community, we have formed an alliance with the Shine Wellness program which is charged with overseeing and facilitating wellness education and program implementation for the Hamilton Health Sciences corporation. The Shine program was initiated within the Hamilton Health Sciences employee and staff mandate to acknowledge the recognition of improving the health, fitness, stress management and quality of the workplace.
Spectrum Therapy and Fitness was honoured and privileged to be asked to participate as a part of the “Lunch and Learn” speaker series in presenting on various topics related to health and fitness.
I have also worked with amateur sport organizations to help develop their conditioning and injury prevention programs.
Here are the topics I’ve presented on over the past 2 years.

Stretching your Fitness I.Q-

Working smarter rather than harder is really main point in this presentation. For those seeking to recompose their body rather than seeing it simply diminish into a “skinny-fat” version of your former self by using traditional, steady-state cardio regiments or using extreme low calorie diets to achieve healthy outcomes, there is another way.
Mastering the most important piece of equipment you own (your body) by learning to utilize the seven primal movements (squat, lunge, bend, twisting, gait, pushing, pulling) ensures that the individual can competently control their own body’s resistance as well maintain proper exercise postures so as to minimize injury and maximize performance.



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What is Good Nutrition?

image024This presentation delineates the key components of a good nutrition plan. And, no, it isn’t creating a massive negative energy balance at 1000 calories per day, or is it even counting calories at all. A good nutrition plan promotes tried and tested evidence-based practices that have worked with many successful body transformations.
The tenants of a good nutrition plan include, eating for proper energy balance, if wanting to be lean, eating more nutrient-dense rather that calorie-dense foods, achieving the balance of three common goals, optimal body composition, health, and performance, eating to improve one’s health and immunity, and a good nutrition plan must always have an “outcome-based” goals to measure and record to determine the efficacy of the nutrition plan.

Fix your posture, fix your pain! 

This presentation is a simple demonstration of how poor postures which can manifest into clinical-type dysfunctional syndromes such as upper and lower crossed syndromes. These syndromes were coined and founded by the late biomechanist from the Czech republic, Dr. Vladimir Janda. Janda’s work has served as a template for doctors, therapists, personal trainers and posture-practioners to guide methodology and corrective protocols towards improving posture and painful syndromes and conditions. Improving one’s posture has been shown to have definitive positive effects on normal joint function and painful syndromes. I presented the upper and lower crossed syndromes and their repercussions on the neck and knee specifically.



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Sleep, the Forgotten pathway to your health and vitality.

image033This presentation presents evidence-based practices to improve sleep quality and sleep quantity.
Also mentioned are the ramifications of sleep deprivation on mental and physical health as well.
Sleep deprivation has been shown to manifest into type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, metabolic syndromes, hypertension along with schizophrenia , memory loss, mood disorders, etc..
I have also demonstrated in this presentation how sleep deprivation minimizes to eliminate one’s return on exercise efforts with the hope of becoming more health and balanced.
Environmental, habitual, exercise, nutritional habits are all tied into one’s body-clock or circadian rhythm that can determine the quality and quantity of sleep we get each night.

Training & Therapeutic Practices for the Progressive Martial Artist- P.M.A 

image043This seminar/workshop was designed for the recreational and competitive martial artist who is interested in addressing their mobility and flexibility deficits along with increasing their performance and fitness level as a martial artist or MMA participant. Basic and simple assessments were demonstrated to evaluate specific mobility and flexibility measures in the martial artist. Conditioning and training protocols were also presented to advance the current martial artist’s practices.




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 Disclaimer:   Results from Spectrum Therapy and Fitness programs will vary from person to person. Results aren’t typical and are not guaranteed. This website does not provide medical advice. These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. No individual result should be seen as typical


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