In-Home Workouts

We will show you how you can use a functional training approach to achieve your fitness goals with the use of cost-effective pieces of resistance equipment that are easy to use and store.

Many fitness enthusiasts prefer to work out in the comfort of their home instead of sweating it out at the local gym. But unless you already possess laser-focused self-motivation and a very good knowledge of workout routines, your results may only be mediocre. For the rest of us, only those who use the coaching expertise of personal trainers will be able to derive the full benefit of a home gym.

For those interested in a “in-home training”  program, we evaluate your situation on  a case-by-case basis, dependent on factors such as  whether you have devoted space for your home gym and how it might be adequately equipped to serve your programming needs.  We also consider the distance of your home from our location.image047

Should you desire this option and we are able to meet your schedule and location, we can provide you with the most effective home workout solutions that will deliver a professional gym-like experience at your own home. Where the weather is suitable, we can go outside or head to the local beach for your workout too!

We have been successfully helping a diverse cross-section of people at all fitness levels meet their exercise goals in this way.

Making Exercising at Home Even Better

You may already have a home gym or be in the process of creating one. Setting up a gym is half the work done.

The other important half of the equation is applying a purposeful and productive exercise strategy and routine that is alignment with your goals.  This routine also has to meet you at your fitness level, be relatively simple to use on your own, and if you’re on a budget, cost effective.   We have also found that our workouts are motivational if they are also sustainable.

This is where we come in. We provide you with the right exercise regimens that will allow you to make the most of your home gym. This includes teaching you how to use the most important piece of equipment you already possess – your body!


Let Us Help You with Your Home Program

Our prescription for your exercise program will be based on your initial movement and fitness assessments, that will highlight the areas that you are most interested in improving. The level and duration of your “training age” will help us determine what style of training is more suitable for you. (Bodyweight training, using home-exercise equipment)  To keep costs low, we will show you how you can use a functional training method that requires only a combination of different pieces of resistance training equipment (resistance-training bands, stability ball, kettlebell, dumbbells, medicine balls, a Step-bench and risers, etc)   to realize the best results in your fitness goals.

Our In-Home service provides the following benefits:

  • The convenience of not having to travel to a commercial gym, thus saving you time and effort.
  • The flexibility to train according to your schedule – when its convenient for you.  Manage your work, family and workout schedules with ease and predictability.
  • A personalized service where the attention is solely on you – every minute spent in your home gym under the supervision of an experienced coach will allow you to reach your goal sooner and with better results!
  • It is crucial that you understand the safety dos and don’ts to avoid causing yourself injury during workout programs. With an experienced coach by your side, such safety issues are not in the picture.

We offer many customized in-home fitness solutions. From one-on-one personal training, couples training, or small group training.

Limited Space or Equipment? No Problem!image052

Many of  our beginner exercise programs show you how to use simple, bodyweight exercises to help you develop relative strength, good body awareness, and linking your lower body and upper body through your core-linked strength. I have helped many clients equip their home with a minimal array of equipment to help them achieve their fat loss or muscle building goals.  Our motto is ” learn to use the most important piece of equipment you already own (your body), instead of renting somebody else’s equipment. 

Dear Jean La Fleur,

I want to express my thankfulness and happiness to you and the 14 Day Fat Furnace Program you designed for me! ! I started with very low expectations, mainly due to being a Senior and having lived for so long with this excess fat around my waist. I was very skeptical of what I could accomplish or how much I could follow your program. How wrong I was!! It is really amazing!! I was delighted when you revealed to me that I lost twice the average amount of fat loss for a month of training, in only 2 weeks !! But it’s true! … and I am very pleased with the results.

I also think that having the opportunity to do the workouts at home (no machines, just using your body), is a big plus, especially for people like me, who have a full time job and just don’t have to the time to go to the gym.

I look and feel wonderful! I am wearing pants now that I was unable to before and was going to give away. I look in the mirror now with a smile of satisfaction, because I’m not as wide (not even close) as I used to be. My clothes also look and feel so much better on me.

The realization that I could lose weight and more importantly lose those unwanted inches encourages me to keep working on my body and my overall health.
I know this is just the beginning of my journey and with your guidance and coaching, I will be able to accomplish all that I’m looking for, even for my age!

Many, many thanks,

Ruth Chinchilla,

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