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At Spectrum Therapy and Fitness we feel that it’s important for our prospective clients to be able to sample our services, and get to know us a little better while trying on a new lifestyle, such as a fitness lifestyle.

As a way to allow you to “test-drive” our services with minimal commitment, we have developed our  28-day Stubborn Fat Loss or “Fit for You” Foundation programs to give you a chance to try us out and see the potential for your fat or weight loss results.

This 28 day program can be customized to your schedule and lifestyle.

The  28 day program begins with an initial body diagnostic evaluation which records your body measurements, your body fat percentage, and skin folds (where applicable), along with a fitness test.  The fitness test will reveal how well you move with the primal movements patterns (squat, lunge, pushing, pulling, gait (walking, jogging, running) and stability.  The results from your fitness evaluation will be used to determine the best prescription for your exercise program. Modifications and adjustments can be made to any individual’s program.

i’m going to be honest here. I’m not going to promise a specific amount of weight or fat that you will lose, because ultimately, that’s up to you.  We do however promise that you will get out of your program what you put into it.  Our programs are tried and tested with many other clients.  We know they work!! So, you definitely will achieve your weight and fat loss goals.

And just so you know, we have taken into full consideration the “Beginner’s mindset, fitness level and behaviours so that you know you know your Coach won’t take anything for granted or assume anything about you. Your exercise program will be designed based on the results from your fitness, nutritional, stress and lifestyle evaluations.  And, please understand one thing, in order for your body transformation to be successful, its very important that any Coach, particularly myself, to meet you where you where you’re at to establish your starting point based on the metrics we evaluate you on.

Depending on registrations, the 28-Day Fit for You Fat Loss program can also be offered privately (one-on-one-if necessary), or in a semi-private group (from 4 to 6 participants).

Here’s how you can benefit by participating in our 28-Day “Fit for You” Foundation program.

  • For permanent and sustainable results, you will have access to a “self-paced” nutritional habit “curriculum”  that will guide you to your new lean and healthy body.
  • Eat the food you’re already eating as you improve with your nutritional habits.
  • Feel assured that you will not be wasting your time with what you have to do to attain  your new body and health!
  • Bring along your friends, family or colleagues to form your own small group.
  •  Your workouts will be highly effective in achieving your fat loss goals.
  • Discover how motivating it can be to be exercising in a small group setting.
  • Feeling the changes in your body, mind and spirit as you take positive steps towards achieving your health and fitness goals.
  • Connecting with yourself and others in a common bond and unified goal of completing your workouts.
  • Exceed the expectations you have of yourself.
  • Begin to learn the methods and practices of fit and lean people.
  • Discover that it is possible to change your life for the better, and find your own inner motivation to pursue your health and fitness goals.
  • We will help guide you to adopt the behaviours that suit you to achieve the outcomes and results you seek.


 Disclaimer:   Results from Spectrum Therapy and Fitness programs will vary from person to person. Results aren’t typical and are not guaranteed. This website does not provide medical advice. These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. No individual result should be seen as typical

Click here to learn more and reserve your spot in our 28 day Fit For You Fat Loss Foundation Program.

I started training with Jean at the Mademoiselle Women’s Fitness and Spa – Oakville in 2004. Jean is not the ubiquitous trainer or coach, he provided me a tailored program to meet my training needs considering my athletic goals and ability, always re-evaluating, augmenting and challenging me to new gains. Jean is also my Athletic Therapist and has provided care to address acute and chronic injuries. Jean has always provided exceptional care to address the acute injury and enacts a treatment plan that allows me to recover function and strength. I will continue to follow Jean as necessary to help me maintain and attain being active and strong. I would not hesitate to recommend Jean’s services.

Jane Shortt – Registered Nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children

image004I initially hired Jean as my personal trainer and have continued to use his services for a number of sport and other injuries. He is very professional and always up to date in his field. I continue to use his services because his treatments work and in a short timeframe. He is a great motivator which has always helped me get results. I will continue to use his services as the need arises.

Wendy Perley BBA, CMA

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