Spectrum Therapy and Fitness Difference

Athletic Therapy vs Physiotherapy and other Therapy Services

Physiotherapists are trained to treat a broad range of injuries to reduce pain and increase functionality, usually following a serious accident and as part of a rehabilitation program. Typical injuries include bone fractures, torn or severed tendons, and damage to the nervous system (i.e. brain injury) or to the respiratory system. These are often the result of common traffic, work, or everyday-related accidents. Physiotherapists also treat common chronic or acute conditions pertaining to repetitive strain or muscular overexertion.

Serious injuries are of course first treated by surgery and/or pharmacology, followed by a convalescence period whereby movement of the affected area is often restricted or avoided. Physiotherapy is then indicated to rehabilitate the atrophied muscle and regain normalized movement. Treatment typically consists of first addressing the symptoms of pain through such modalities as ultrasound, therapeutic laser, I.F.C, and T.E.N.S, and regaining sufficient strength and functionality for average daily use. Often treatments are limited to achieving this basic level of rehabilitation depending on the therapist.
Test5a-300x224Similarly, Certified Athletic Therapists also treat for pain elimination and rehabilitation of function in connection with injury. Indeed, we often use many of the same techniques. However, we specialize in sports-related orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries with the aim of getting you back into sport-level function again. We also focus our attention on understanding any biomechanical causes or origins of the problem within the musculoskeletal system. Our goal is to then resolve any biomechanical imbalances that relate to the injury.

With respect to treatment options, Athletic Therapists apply much more in the way of manual manipulation techniques within our modalities. And as mentioned, we meticulously assess your “movement qualities” in the context of your sport, for example tennis or golf, and work with you to adjust or modify faulty movements, where determined, so as to avoid re-injury in the case of repetitive causes.

In a word, we go much further in making sure you are at the top of your game again following an injury, and not just at normal everyday functionality.  Click here to review our scope of practice more in detail at the Ontario Athletic Therapist Association.


Spectrum Coaching vs Other Personal Trainers

spectrum-dfffFew personal trainers can offer you certified qualifications as a registered kinesiologist, a certified athletic therapist, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach all in one shop the way we do. We are unique in the industry and we are thus able to provide you with a comprehensive, integrated and holistic approach to your fitness and health goals.

Our Home Fitness studio is ideal for One on One Personal Training, along with semi-private training (2-4 trainees), we provide a client-centered training environment with a “results-guaranteed” policy with all our clients. We also pride ourselves on using the latest “functional training applications”  to deliver “real-world”, practical, “every-day”  strength, and core conditioning. These training adaptations promote injury- prevention, and a higher standard of results for the beginner to the advanced trainee.

That’s why we have chosen the name Spectrum to describe our services. We offer a full spectrum of fitness-related services which we excel at.

Professional Collaboration

Exercise Support for therapeutic practitioners.

Jean has been devoted to collaborating with an array of fitness and therapeutic professionals over the years to successfully treat and accomplish the client’s goals. For those practitioners who would rather defer their exercise prescription to someone else due to scheduling conflicts, not enough time to administer, or lack of training or experience with complimentary exercise protocols, this is a viable option.

For the other allied or regulated therapeutic professionals (osteopathic practitioners, physiotherapist, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, or occupational therapists) I offer functional exercise protocols, corrective exercise, myofascial stretching, yoga, and core-centric activations to compliment the therapist’s treatments and plan.

Therapeutic Support for Personal training/Group Exercise fitness instructors.

Jean is particularly preferential for those personal trainers, group-fitness class instructors, athletic coaches,  yoga instructors, dance instructors, etc, to offer therapeutic support in whatever capacity the client needs. Jean has 20 years of manual therapy treatment experience and application with his clientele. Jean also applies some osteopathic manual techniques and applications where appropriate. The main goal is to enhance function and vitality back to the tissues, muscles, joints, and nervous system so as to return your clients back to their exercise programs.




Specialty Programs


We don’t just offer the best personal training and semi-private training in Ancaster.  We also offer sport-specific conditioning  programs for athletes who are looking to work on their functional strength and core weaknesses, along with those trainees who enjoy participating in these activities.

We offer the following sport-specific training programs:

These sport-specific programs can be delivered either privately (one on one) or semi-privately (2-4 participants)

  • Golf & Tennis conditioning
  • Strength and Power conditioning for Endurance Athletes (running, cycling, swimming, obstacle courses- Tough Mudder)
  • Dry Land Ski Training
  • Strength and power conditioning for field athletes (rugby and soccer)
  • Strength and power conditioning for court athletes (basketball, volleyball)
  • Strength and conditioning and mobility training for martial artists (MMA, Karate, boxing)



Our specialty programs help members tackle their weaknesses, and they simply provide more options for experienced members who want to try something new.

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There are many elements that go into making a great home studio. For one, you can enjoy the pleasures of privacy where you will be trained one-on-one. There’s no waiting for equipment and you’ll never be self-conscious or intimidated by other members. You are stepping into a warm, friendly, and comfortable learning environment where you can be your best self.

Our Home Fitness studio is ideal for One on One Personal Training, along with semi-private training (2-3 trainees), we provide the ultimate Personal Training environment with a “results-guaranteed” policy with all our clients.


You should not be bothered with parking when you’re looking forward for the best service experience. We do have convenient parking, a comfortable home studio setting, change rooms, and most importantly, privacy.

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